HAVANA Gilles Peterson Remix Contest

Hola talented remixers and fine music lovers!

Sorry for making you wait so long... Gilles Peterson just finished to select the winners of the remix contest! There were so many of them to listen to! As promised, Gilles chose the 10 winners and the one "big winner" but he also added 2 remixes that he received from 2 Cuban DJs that he really appreciates...

But first things first: We are very pleased to announce that the #1 winner of the contest - who wins himself a trip to Cuba in August this year to attend the Rottilla electronic music festival is...

Pushin Wood / Fun Funk & Bambeats from Groningen, Netherlands!


Here is what Gilles Peterson says about his great remix:
"This adventurous and daring remix will work on the great majority of the most intuned dance floors. It is firmly transplanted in my iTunes!"

Cultura Havana Giles Peterson - La Revolucion del Cuerpo (Pushin Wood reGroove) by Pushin Wood Soundsystem

And now CONGRATULATION also to the 11 other winners who delighted us with some very qualitative remixes as well:

You will all be featured in our online compilation. More information about this soon.

Thanks you all and stay tuned for more The Havana Club Team

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